Welcome to the NEW Kerrywhistles official site for Kerry and Chieftain Irish Low Whistles and High Whistles designed by Phil Hardy.

Taught to make whistles in the early nineties, Phil Hardy has gone on to form Kerrywhistles Ltd, manufacturers of the Chieftain and Kerry Whistles.

From beginners to professionals, the range of instruments from Kerrywhistles Ltd have found their way into the hearts of players world wide.

Since 2001 Phil Hardy has filmed most of the major whistle artists. The new MOVIES section aims to present these concerts in their entirety and become an archive of the wonderful music that emerged in that time.

From it's humble beginnings, the Low Whistle has change the face of traditional music and is now loved the world over.

Contact : phil@kerrywhistles.com

May Morning Dew

The May Morning Dew played on an F whistle. It's all about the breath control folks...!